Monday, January 22, 2007

Hummer: Bio-fuel-ready engine

Who'd have thought that Hummer will be in the vanguard of car makers pushing for greener fuels?

hummer bio-fuelThe all-American icon is coming to the UK with right-hand-drive vehicles in the autumn of 2007 and has promised these cars will be followed by bio-fuel compatible versions within three years.

A Hummer insider told us that the company will be taking 'an aggressive approach' to putting forward the case for more fuel stations equipped with bio-fuel pumps.

The first Hummer to come with a bio-fuel-ready engine will be the 'baby' H3, which uses a 3.7-litre five-cylinder unit.

Hummer also promises it will add a diesel engine to the H3 range in 2008, but there are no firm dates or details as yet.

All of this means you can look forward to upsetting the tree-free brigade with a Hummer that's environmentally sound. Well, almost.

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