Monday, January 29, 2007

Jaguar XK: Exterior Styling Pack

Jaguars gorgeous XK is the latest to get a bolted-on dose of bling, with an official Exterior Styling Pack available on all non-supercharged XKs from March.

Jaguar XK Exterior Styling Pack Jaguar XK Exterior Styling Pack 2Designed to give the car a more bold and distinct appearance - or so they say - the pack comprises front and rear valances, a couple of new grills and fresh tailpipe finishers.

Call it what you want, Jaguar, but we still know it's a bodykit.

A completely and utterly pointless bodykit at that, but we're ashamed to say we rather like it.

Does this mean we're chavs at heart? Probably. Pass the furry dice and his 'n' hers sunstrip...

© Source: article on topgear

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