Thursday, January 25, 2007

Mercedes A-Class: New Task

A Mercedes A-Class with fuel cell power. Not that much of a revelation nowadays, or that exciting for anyone who loves their cars.

Mercedes A-ClassBut paint it red and stick some lights and sirens on, and you have one of the most exciting prospects on the planet.

That's exactly what Mercedes did for the Sacramento fire department, creating what it describes as the world's first fuel cell-powered fire response vehicle.

Response may be an optimistic phrase, because the A-Class can only manage 0-60mph in 16 seconds and a top speed of 85mph, and you'd better hope you live within a 100-mile range of the fire station, as otherwise the car will run out of power.

Still, it's still got to be huge smiles wailing your way through traffic. The only things missing are ladders and hoses.

© Source: article on topgear

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