Friday, January 19, 2007

Monty's action Avenger

Former F1 superstar turned NASCAR convert Juan-Pablo Montoya has unveiled his new ride.
Looks cool, huh? Check out the flame graphics.

avengerBased loosely on the new Mondeo-sized Dodge Avenger, Monty's new racer is expected to make its competition debut at Bristol Motor Speedway on March 25.

The car will be entered in NASCAR's new Car of Tomorrow category alongside Dodge's existing Charger racer.

The Car of Tomorrow rules are the result of collaboration between NASCAR bigwigs, the manufacturers and teams to produce a less expensive race car.

While the Avenger is being phased into racing (piloted by Monty), the Dodge Charger will continue to race in the NASCAR Nextel Cup.

Meanwhile, as predicted here at, Montoya will be getting some practice on the Daytona oval by racing at this year's Daytona 24-hours in a Lexus-Riley.

It will be Montoya's first sports car race in nearly 11 years. The Colombian is already raving about the car, saying it's much more adjustable than the racers he has driven in the past few years.
A win on his Daytona 24-hour debut looks on the cards...

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