Tuesday, January 23, 2007


The last thing we want to do in the morning while still bleary-eyed is drag a razor across our stubbly visages, but here's one razor we would leap from our slumber to get our hands on.

The RoadRazer is a single-minded new sports car from the Low Countries.

RoadRazerRoadRazer 2RoadRazer 3Making extensive use of carbon fibre for the body and chassis, the RoadRazer tips the scales at just 300kg.

That makes it all the more effective at using the 180bhp generated by the Suzuki Hayabusa motorcycle engine. The makers claim 0-60mph in three seconds and a top speed of 150mph.

The driver sits in the centre, F1-style, with the passenger placed behind as in a jet fighter.

RoadRazer's builder Mikkel Steen Pedersen says the car will be finished and on sale by the end of this year, with prices starting at around £35,000 for a fully road legal car in the UK.

He can also supply a kit of parts for the owner to complete at home for around £20,000

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