Tuesday, February 13, 2007

2007 ART Program 164 for Mercedes-Benz ML Class

(from ART Press Release) ART Program 164 Hot winter dream in Ferrari red
A special edition of Program 164 from ART in hot Ferrari red. Just right for the cold winter months.

2007 ART Program 164 for Mercedes-Benz ML Class2007 ART Program 164 for Mercedes-Benz ML Class 22007 ART Program 164 for Mercedes-Benz ML Class 3The aerodynamics set for the front, sides and rear upgrades the contours of this robust vehicle and refines the lines of the series. A xenon headlamp / halogen foglamp lighting set as a secondary headlamp unit in the front spoiler and the Cornerlight function increase the lighting power of the vehicle.

The effect of the elegant door sills is further boosted by the illuminated door sill strips with light-blue lighted ART logo when the doors are opened. Not just at night.

The distinctive rear skirting with a diffuser in conjunction with the 4-pipe sports exhaust system in stainless steel with high-sheen chrome-plated 80mm tailpipe ends, ensures a sporty and dynamic appearance. One end muffler each, left and right, ensures the sound is right.

The head-turning special paintwork in original Ferrari red ROSSO CORSA No.322 is an unexpected sight. Combined with the thick-set bullishness of the upgraded exterior and the darkened windows, this vehicle is bound to grab attention wherever it appears.

And to get the ML350 moving: engine performance with an ART compressor system, including a charge-air intercooling system with a heat exchanger, thermostat-controlled additional oil heating, special V-belt, engine electronics and Vmax disable. The power boost on the ML takes it from 272 hp up to 380 hp.

The electronic chassis system from ART for AIRMATIC lowers the vehicle by 35mm. All other factory-set adjustment functions of the vehicle are retained. Only the speed-dependent ride height control is deactivated.

For the wheels, the three-part light-alloy ARTstar2 wheels with a titanium look make for a forceful connection to the ground. In its 6-spoke design, with 36-x titanium screws, inside valve, brilliant-silver rim star and mirror-polished rim bed, it provides in size 19 an absolute optimized and luxurious appearance for this bullish car body. No winter dream without winter tires: the tires used are the opulent 275/45R19 from PIRELLI.

Numerous highlights in alcantara and leather sumptiously upgrade the interior. The instrument board is in dolphin-gray alcantara with contrasting red seams, as are the vehicle ceiling, the front, center, and rear posts. The door and console paneling is in red leather. On the door paneling, padding under the leather makes for a chameus surface. The seats are upholstered in two-tone leather in grey / red and highlighted with neat constrasting seams.

An ergonomically formed multifunction sports steering wheel with perforated handles, in a dolphin-gray leather/alcantara combination with a contrasting red ring forms the crown of the ART interior upgrade.

Overall, an absolutely sophisticated unique item with all refinements. Individual, powerful and sumptuously equipped. A star on the road. DRIVE YOUR DREAM

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