Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Actual Photos Leaked from Audi: A5 Coupe Exposed

It wasn’t the pressure of the German buff books such as Autobild or Auto Motor und Sport pushing for an exclusive on the new Audi A5, set to debut at Geneva in just a few weeks time, that finally ushered Audi’s new coupe into the light. No, as best we can tell, the photos you see here are wallpapers of the new car that the company hosted on their website ahead of the launch.

Audi A5 Coupe photo 1Audi A5 Coupe photo 2Audi A5 Coupe photo 3Audi A5 Coupe photo 4Audi A5 Coupe photo 5Audi A5 Coupe photo 6Just how these photos were found remains a mystery, as the Audi A5 microsite remains unchanged other than the countdown clock ticking away the time until the car’s actual reveal in Geneva. However, the photos original addresses link to Audi, making the situation more puzzling and indicative of perhaps an intended leak.

Originally believed to be revealed next to an S version, dubbed S5, we now believe the A5 will be revealed alone, save another non-coupe reveal. The S5 won’t be delayed by much, just a few weeks we’re told which puts it square in the sights of either the New York Auto Show in the States, AMI in Europe.

Engines expected for the A5 coupe include the 3.2 and 4.2, the latter probably updated with FSI and maybe even Valvelift from the Roadjet concept and fitted to the S5. From the pictures we know that diesel is also in the cards… no surprise, this is Audi… as the photo depicts a 3.0 TDI-badged variant.

Looking closely, it is interesting to see some of the design evolutions of the car. On the outside, the nose is very close to that of the TT S-line, though foglights have been raised to break the plane of the front bumper above the lower air inlet, the latter making use of a soccer-ball pattern grating at the front corners.

Headlights appear to be more squared off than other recent Audis we’ve seen, though looking closely they appear to include an R8-style line of LED lights that perhaps redefine their shape once lit. In all photos found thus far, these don’t appear to be lit.

European side indicators previously found on the fenders now move to the rearview mirror assemblies in much the same fashion as the design of the Q7 SUV, while a newer and fresher evolution of Audi’s taillights have also been applied.

Inside, the evolution continues. The dashboard, while a bit curvier, shows strong A6 influences. In most photos, MMI appears to have been relocated to the dashboard like the placement in the TT, but another photo reveals it on the center console, leaving the dashboard a bit of a mystery to us as we’re not sure why Audi would design two different dashboards.

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