Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Alfa / Picchio racer

Alfa Romeo could soon be taking on the world in endurance racing if Italian firm Picchio has its way.

Alfa romeo picchio racerAlfa romeo picchio racer 2Already an established race car builder, Picchio has come up with a concept based on the gorgeous 8C Competizione coupe, although the vehicle would probably be a mid-engined machine.

The rules in the American Grand-Am Cup allow a car's shape to be developed from the existing road car, and the engine supplier can be identified as the car's manufacturer.

Alfa Romeo is believed to be looking at homologating the 8C's engine already.

Picchio is the only European race car manufacturer in the Grand-Am series at present with its DP2 racer, which the Alfa would be based on.

If the Alfa/Picchio racer gets the go-ahead, it could be on the grid from 2008.

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