Thursday, February 8, 2007

Ferrari 599 GNB Fiorano Tuning

The Ferrari 599 is too slow, not aggressive enough, and it could do with a few more luxury goodies.
So goes the thinking of Richard Hamann and his German tuning firm.

ferrari 599 gtb fioranoWe're not convinced by the styling mods Herr Hamann has come up with, which include a three-piece rear diffuser and massive 21in alloy wheels, but there's no doubting the engineering work that has gone into the engine.

The 6.0-litre V12 has an extra 53bhp liberated to give 673bhp, which is claimed to boost top speed to 215mph.

As for the goodies, Hamann will happily kit out a 599 to whatever spec you like, including a Playstation so you can race a Ferrari inside your Ferrari.

As for the price, reckon on forking out at least another £50,000 on top of the price of buying a 599 in the first place.

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