Monday, February 5, 2007

Peugeot Design Competition Finalists Highlight Alternative Fuels and Fun

PARIS — The 10 finalists in Peugeot's annual design competition include the Concept LiiON, a three-wheeler powered by lithium-ion cells with a rear end that resembles a lion's tail, and the Speedlite, a high-performance hybrid with a Wifi-driven driver console.

The finalists are a global group from around the world including Brazil, China and the United States. As a group, they tended to favor hybrids and other alternative powertrains, often with an emphasis on "extreme power."

Inspiration was drawn from old Formula 1 cars, as well as open-wheel hot rods of the 1950s.

Peugeot said more than 4,000 cars from 113 countries were entered into the 2007 competition, the most since the event started four years ago. Part of the selection phase included a vote by Internet users to help determine the 10 finalists. The winner will be named at the Geneva Motor Show in March. A full-scale model of the winner will be presented at the Frankfurt Motor Show in the fall, and the car will be replicated in an upcoming Xbox 360 game, Peugeot said.

Finalists include the Speedlite, a creation of Turin design students

peugeot design concept speedliteNemanja Lalcic and Mateo Krzanowsky. The glass-and-carbon-fiber hybrid has a maximum speed above 186 mph and goes from zero to 62 mph in under 5 seconds.

The Peugeot Flux was designed by Italian Mihai Panaitescu,

peugeot design concept fluxwho said the open-air concept runs on hydrogen and has an integrated Xbox 360.

The Allscape concept by Venezuelan Gustavo Ferrero is outfitted with a natural gas-powered 2.0-liter twin-turbo V4 mated to a seven-speed gearbox. Ferrero said the emphasis is on "extreme power." The concept has an ultralight aluminum-and-carbon-fiber frame, as well as an anti-noise sound system and a "geographical console" with a compass, altimeter and artificial horizon.

Dario Gagula's Peugeot e-motion is an electric sports car that combines concave and convex surfaces. The orange and silver Peugeot 910 has a transparent roof and an elaborate security system, including doors with no keyholes.

The one-seater Peugeot N Joy by Wesley Saikawa of Brazil
peugeot design concept njoy was inspired by old Formula 1 cars and is "omnidirectional." Saikawa says its sphere can roll in any direction, and the car can turn 360 degrees around itself.

Peugeot Concept LiiON by Christian Sano of Romania

peugeot design concept liion is a three-wheeler with a system that allows the driver to choose between "Sunday cruise driving" mode and "daredevil" mode.

Other finalists include the Peugeot Cub by Ka Dan of China and the MiawoO roadster by Noumid Bendifallah of France.

peugeot design concept miawoo
The sole U.S. finalist is the hybrid Peugeot Plaire by James Ma.

peugeot design concept plaire It was inspired by the open-wheel hot rods of the 1950s combined with sporty roadsters of today. The open-cockpit Plaire uses recycled materials.

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