Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Roaring 20s Roar Again: Zagato Pens a New Diatto

MILAN, Italy — Italian design house Zagato has revealed its latest in a long line of concept cars. The new concept, called the Ottovu (Italian for 8-V), is a sleek new two-door coupe that's set to make its debut at the Geneva auto show early next month.

Zagato New DiattoThe Ottovu has been created to celebrate 100 years of the storied Italian auto brand Diatto, with financial backing coming from two wealthy collectors, according to Zagato.

The once prominent Italian marque, whose customers included the king of Italy and Enzo Ferrari, was closely associated with Zagato during its formative years but has been dormant for many decades. The companies collaborated on the lightweight body for the celebrated Diatto 25 4DS, among other models.

Zagato isn't revealing what the modern-day Diatto is based around, although it appears to some observers to be strongly linked to the Maserati Coupe.

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