Thursday, March 15, 2007

Autobahns to go slow ?

One of the main reasons Germany has produced so many great cars over the years is it has steadfastly stuck with derestricted motorway speed limits.
The autobahn is a byword for motoring freedom, allowing drivers to drive at a speed they feel is safe for the conditions.
Not if the European Union (EU) has its way.

AutobahnEU officials have said all autobahns should have a blanket 130kph (78mph) maximum speed limit to reduce carbon dioxide emissions.

Defenders of the autobahn say that derestricted motorways in Germany now account for only two per cent of the total network, so limiting these stretches would make little difference.

Many German drivers have reacted by adopting the slogan 'free driving for free citizens'. Even the German transport ministry is up in arms and has said the ban on autobahns is not justified.

More importantly, if the autobahns become completely restricted, we could face the end of great driver's cars from Germany.
Stop this nonsense now.

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