Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Hyundai HED-4 concept

Hyundai has decided that plastic is fantastic at Geneva this year.
This is the HED-4 concept, a two-door crossover designed in conjunction with GE Plastics.

Hyundai HED-4 conceptHyundai HED-4 concept 2Constructed from composite materials and boasting a lightweight plastic windscreen which is apparently scratch-resistant but yet half the weight of glass, the HED-4 is believed to preview the styling of the upcoming production Tucson.

We doubt whether the de rigeur giant alloys or caricaturised swept-back stance will be carried over, but the HED-4 is nonetheless a funky vision of a futuristic crossover.

You'd have to be pretty tall to get your Ikea flatpack in that boot, though...

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