Saturday, March 10, 2007

Hyundai QarmaQ Concept

GENEVA — The Hyundai QarmaQ concept, which was unveiled at this week's Geneva auto show, takes its name from traditional Inuit dwellings made from earth, whalebone and animal skins. But the Korean crossover coupe is anything but primitive.

Hyundai QarmaQ ConceptHyundai QarmaQ Concept 2Developed with GE Plastics, the recyclable QarmaQ is more like a rolling laboratory, with lots of futuristic features that the automaker says it intends to implement on upcoming vehicles, especially those aimed at baby boomers.

One of the 2+2 vehicle's most intriguing — and potentially life-saving — features is its elastic front. This feature puts a premium on pedestrian protection, with three energy-absorbing structures underpinning the vehicle.

Hyundai noted that the QarmaQ's unconventional looks are due to the use of unconventional materials. Perhaps the most striking design cue is the wraparound windshield, which is made of GE's Lexan polycarbonate resin instead of glass. The automaker said the vehicle's C-shaped side window "enables innovative helicopter-like downward visibility and is a key design feature demonstrating the new glazing technology." The unusual materials provide a weight saving of up to 50 percent compared to glass, it said.

Cabin touches include "floating" elements that pulse and glow with tinted ambient lighting. The QarmaQ is powered by a 2.0-liter diesel engine.

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