Monday, March 19, 2007

Lamborghini Diablo-Based Alar 777

BUENOS AIRES, Argentina — Jorge Antonio Fernandez Garcia is in the news again. The Argentinean sports-car lover who received special permission from Lamborghini in the 1990s to use the famous brand name will introduce a new model, the Alar 777, at a local show at the end of this month.

Lamborghini Diablo-Based Alar 777Garcia, who also uses the name Joan Ferci, introduced a highly modified Diablo in the late 1990s. Called the Coatl, it looked, er, special. Then came the Eros, and then silence.

For years Garcia/Ferci and Lamborghini Latinoamerica kept a low profile, but it seems they were still active.

Autoblog Argentina reports that the company will introduce its new Alar 777 at a Buenos Aires tuning show. It is yet again a modified Diablo, with outrageous styling and a V12 Lamborghini engine, tuned to 700 horsepower. Top speed is claimed to be 224 mph.

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