Friday, March 16, 2007

Nissan Introduces "Extreme" Off-Road Test Track

TOKYO — Nissan said on Thursday that its new "extreme" off-road test track here will help the automaker develop new four-wheel-drive models and new off-road technologies.

Nissan Nissan The fifth of Nissan's test tracks includes a rocky section that mimics the extreme conditions found on mountain terrain, a desert road and a 30-degree-incline slope. Nissan said it will test such four-wheel-drive vehicles as the Safari and the X-Trail at the site. The Motegi test facility bolsters the work done at Nissan's Arizona test track, as well as three other test tracks located at Tochigi, Oppama and Rikubetsu on its home turf.

The Motegi site covers 5.7 acres and is said to be among the largest in Japan.

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