Friday, March 2, 2007

Noble M12

Noble has sold up its M12 and M400 cars to a US firm.

Noble M121g Racing in Ohio has acquired the rights to build the Nobles and modify them for them for the US market.

Previously, Nobles sold in the US arrived at customers' doors with no engine, which buyers then had to buy separately and have fitted, to get round American type-approval laws.

Now, 1g will be able to sell turn-key cars.

British-based Noble will retain the design rights to the cars, but the deal gives the Leicestershire-based manufacturer more time and money to focus on the development of its new M15 supercar.

Company founder and leading light Lee Noble, said: "The M15 will be a big step forward, and this will leave no room in our line-up for the M12 and M400."

© Source: article on topgear
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