Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Renault Twingo

The original Renault Twingo has been kicking round the cities of Europe for over a decade now, but has never made the plucky leap across the English Channel to our fair shores.

renault clio grand tourrenault clio grand tour 2Renault TwingoRenault Twingo 2But that's all to change with the second generation of Renault's dinkiest city car, unveiled today in Geneva.

The New Twingo will go on sale in Britain this September, and we reckon it should be a popular little number.

Based on the last-generation Clio's floorpan - and a whole 20cm shorter than the current Clio III - the Twingo retains the cute, chunky styling and short overhangs of the concept we saw in Paris last year.

It'll be available in two guises in the UK - a 1.2-litre 16V with 75bhp, and the sportier GT, which gets the same engine boosted up to 100bhp.

On the inside, the Twingo is a genuine four-seater with a surprising amount of space, an impression heightened by the panoramic glass sunroof.

It also gets a MP3 sound system and a range of decals which, says Renault, will allow you to personalise your Twingo. Well, at least it beats mismatched plastic spoilers and his 'n' hers windscreen strips.

Clio Grand Tour Concept Renault also unveiled the Grand Tour Concept - a stretched estate version of the current Clio.

Powered by a naturally-aspirated 2.0-litre engine putting out 200bhp, Renault says that the Grand Tour Concept will hit 60mph in just over seven seconds, despite its sizeable bulk.

Sitting on 18- and 19-inch aluminium rims, the Grand Tour Concept gets a massive glass roof and, in best concept style, an inbuilt digital camera and camcorder. Anyone want to put a fiver on those making it to production?

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