Thursday, March 15, 2007

Transformers undisguised

It'll be a while before you can settle down with popcorn and jumbo soft drink to watch the new Transformers flick, but here we have the real stars of the film all together for the first time.
General Motors has donated most of the vehicles for the film, including the truck called Optimus Prime, the GMC pick-up-based Ironhide, and Ratchet based on a Hummer H2.
Transformers flickThere's also a modified Camaro called Bumblebee and the Solstice-based Jazz. Pity these two seem to have landed the rubbish names, especially when the F22 fighter jet in the background gets called Starscream.

Barricade the Ford Mustang is the interloper, so at least it gets a decently tough name.

Sadly, none of the cars in the photo transform. This is left to stunt versions of each car coupled with computer wizardry.

The Transformers film launches in the US on July 4 and comes to the UK in September, when we'll all be humming 'Transformers, robots in disguise...'.

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