Tuesday, March 20, 2007

The wild Rover

We can only applaud Rob Gauntlett and James Hopper for their attempt to travel from the North Pole to the South Pole, relying solely on their own bodies for power.

roverWe have to applaud because any serious attempt at physical exertion, such as these two 19-year olds are undertaking, would result in the nearest Accident and Emergency ward being overwhelmed with wheezy TG staff.

Still, at least Rob and James won't have to carry everything themselves. Thanks to the Land Rover Defender in full G4 Challenge trim - complete with winch, extra under body protection and deep water breathing kit for the engine - they have at least got somewhere to store their variety of globe-trotting equipment and the kitchen sink.

The lads start their 180 Degree Pole to Pole Challenge today as they ski, cycle and sail their way from the top of the Earth to the bottom, covering a total of 22,000 miles in the process.

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