Sunday, September 30, 2007

New Audi A1 prototype testing

It seems that Audi has definitely decided to go after BMW's Mini, also some reports say that new A1 goes head-to-head with BMW 1 series. However it is obvious, Audi gonna come up with their new fighter for race in compact class.
If you ask me, these spy photos shows not much more than a pimped VW Polo, but there is no place for doubts that this is Audi's mule when you look at the licence plates, this prototype comes from Ingolstadt, Audi's home turf. What this will turn into we can expect to see at the upcoming Tokio Motor Show where Audi supposed to show conceptual look of the new A1; meanwhile we can play with PhotoShop
According to some reports, new A1 should debut at the 2009 Frankfurt Motor Show, but knowing that it is already under active engineering and prototype testing I wouldnt be surprised if it happens earlier.


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