Thursday, January 7, 2010

Sport manifold - Available now

Sports manifold is available now.
Introduction price: € 199,-

Contact for National and International orders.

De Snelle Leeuw

Californiedreef 45
3565 BK Utrecht


My order has arrived at De Snelle Leeuw. All new C1Cup Manifold and exhaust.
I am testing this version, De Snelle Leeuw will have the whole kit available soon.

Kit is installed. Looks good, nice quality, fits pretty good (except the holes on the manifold need to be adjusted a little). You don't have to take your front bumper of to install.

My initial thoughts.
Rear silencer is really quiet. It's sounds nice and sporty but very social.
Performance, it feels like I have move power over the whole rev range, you can feel it when you drive. 2500 rpm to drive 100Km/h. I am on a Dyno next week to get some real performance numbers. Stay tuned!!

For the dutch readers.
I'll put all info on de Citybugclub forum (need to be a member first) when I have some time.


Price update.
Manifold - €199
Middle pipe - ?
Exhaust - ?

When available orders can be shipped internationally.


- Yesterday my engine light went on, I had it checked and it looks like this sports Cat is on the limit of what the Computer allows. So no problem just a Cat sensor.
I am checking if the chip people can fix this in the computer.


Did a dyno run today.
Here are the results
80.6BHP @ 5665RPM - 119Nm @ 2942RPM that about 5-6HP increase.

A bit weird as the dyno run after chiptuning (few months ago) is much higher.
But today's data look much more realistic.


We've fixed the Cat. I've been in contact with the fabricator in Italy through a contact from C1 Aygo 107 Club Italy, we've moved the sensor to the back of the Cat and it seems to be working. A bit stupit that it was something as simple as that. I made a trip of 310Km today and the engine light did not switch on.

UPDATE 6 Final production model arrived for one final test.

UPDATE 7 Final product for sale. see top of this post.

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