Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Chris Ingram Rally C1

No modifications to the engine because it is not allowed in the championship regulations, however, when Chris is getting 17 he will be allowed to put a 1.4 litre engine into the C1 for a lot more power.

Custom made exhaust for the car, it is thick to prevent stones chipping the exhaust.

K&N air filter which will help get a few more BHP out of the car.

MINILITE wheels 13" Motorsport Wheels ML1360 16x13", they are very strong and relatively lightweight
. Falken tyres as they sponsor the junior rally championship

OHLINS suspension, Road&Track - Öhlins it is superb, the car handles very well on this suspension. (I am checking which model and part nr)


Roll cage:
From Custom cages, FIA approved cage for international rallying.

Thanks for the pictures Chris.
Chris Ingram Rallying

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