Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Koenigsegg CCXR and Koenigsegg CCGT

Who says you can't be green and enjoy super dooper uber-cars?

Not Koenigsegg, that's for sure, because it has just come up with a version of the CCX supercar that runs on clean, green ethanol and just happens to produce 1,018bhp.

Koenigsegg CCXRKoenigsegg CCGTThat's more than 200bhp up on the standard car's meagre 806bhp for this CCXR, as the Veyron-munching machine has been called.

Also demonstrating just how much power Koenigsegg squeezes from its in-house developed V8 engine, they've had to detune it to go endurance racing.

It seems 806bhp is too much of an advantage, so the engine has been reigned-in to a paltry 600bhp to take part in the FIAT GT1 series.

The racer is called the CCGT and had no problems slimming down to the minimum weight limit, even getting below the 1,100kg minimum so that the team could place ballast weights around the car to help with handling.

Koenigsegg's engineers have also been busy sorting out the racer's aerodynamics. Wonder if they've had any help from the Stig?

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